Breed Standard for the Miniature Schnauzer:

The Breed Standard calls for the Miniature Schnauzer to stand not more than 14 inches tall, or less than 12 inches, when measured at the withers. While generally exhibited with cropped ears, the standard does not require cropping. 

There are three accepted coat colors, Salt and Pepper which is characterized by banded hair, and may be any shade of gray, Solid Black, and Black and Silver. The Black and Silver color pattern generally follows the same pattern as the Salt and Pepper; however the entire Salt and Pepper section must be black. Solid White is a disqualifying color in the Breed Standard; it cannot be shown and should not be bred.

General Appearance - The Miniature Schnauzer is a robust, active dog of terrier type, resembling his larger cousin, the Standard Schnauzer, in general appearance, and of an alert, active disposition. He is sturdily built, nearly square in proportion of body length to height with plenty of bone, and without any suggestion of toyishness. 

Temperament - The typical Miniature Schnauzer is alert and spirited, yet obedient to command. He is friendly, intelligent and willing to please. He should never be overaggressive or timid. The typical well-bred Miniature Schnauzer is relatively small in size but in no way toyish or delicate. When you pick him up you will discover he is sturdy, heavy, and muscular... a ruggedness combined with the elegance and beauty of a pure-bred. He makes an excellent companion because he is extremely obedient and quick to learn, is devoted, playful and affectionate. His alertness makes him an excellent guard dog. He is spunky and fearless but not aggressive so that he can run with other dogs. And, like other terriers, he will go to ground to attack vermin of all kinds. One must become aware of these characteristics lest he be lost, stolen, or a victim of an accident. In the suburbs he should be fenced in or walked on a leash.

He is as much at home in the city with a small amount of exercise as he is in the country where he appears tireless. And, he easily adapts to any change of condition or climate. His deepest need, however, is to live as a part of the family, going where they go, doing what they do. Sleeping on the bed, or in his own, beside his owner is his greatest joy. The Miniature Schnauzer does not shed, so he often can be enjoyed by people who are allergic to other breeds of dogs. In return, the owner must keep him groomed to maintain his handsome appearance.

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